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TLR: The Shipping Law Review - 3rd Edition

TLR: The Shipping Law Review - 3rd Edition


James Gosling
Tessa Huzarski
Holman Fenwick Wilan LLP

This book aims to provide those involved in handling wet and dry shipping disputes in multiple jurisdictions with an overview of the key issues relevant to each jurisdiction. We have sought contributions on the law of leading maritime nations, including both major flag states and the countries in which most shipping companies are located. We also include chapters on the law of the major shipbuilding centres and a range of other jurisdictions.

As with previous editions, we begin with cross-jurisdictional chapters looking at the latest developments in important areas for the shipping industry internationally: competition and regulatory law, marine insurance, ocean logistics, piracy, shipbuilding, ports and terminals and environmental issues. We have also included a new chapter regarding international trade sanctions, which is an increasingly important area.

Each jurisdictional chapter then gives an overview of the procedures for handling shipping disputes in each country, including arbitration, court litigation and any alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Jurisdiction, enforcement and limitation periods are all covered. Contributors have summarised the key provisions of local law in relation to shipbuilding contracts, contracts of carriage and cargo claims. We have also asked each author to address limitation of liability, including which parties can limit, which claims are subject to limitation and the circumstances in which the limits can be broken. Ship arrest procedure, which ships may be arrested, any security or counter-security requirements and the potential for wrongful arrest claims are also included.