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TLR: The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review - 1st Edition

TLR: The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review - 1st Edition


Bart Legum

Only a handful of awards were rendered in the first year of my immersion in investment treaty arbitration. This pace left time, even for an active practitioner, to study and annotate each new award. With the dramatic increase in the number of investment treaty arbitrations over the past 15 years, however, the pace of new awards is such that practitioners struggle to keep up. Many useful treatises on investment treaty arbitration have been written. The relentless rate of change in the field rapidly leaves them out of date.

In this environment, therefore, The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review fulfils an essential function. Updated every year, it provides a current perspective on a quickly evolving topic. Organised by topic rather than by jurisdiction, it allows readers to access rapidly not only the most recent developments on a given subject, but also the debate that led to, and provides context for, those developments.

This first edition represents an important contribution to the field of investment treaty arbitration, and a useful new tool in the kits of practitioners. I thank the contributors for their fine work in developing the content for this volume.