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TLR: The Gambling Law Review - 1st Edition

TLR: The Gambling Law Review - 1st Edition


Carl Rohsler
Squire Patton Boggs UK LLP

Gambling law in many jurisdictions has changed and evolved significantly, but the essential predicament remains the same: staying on top of the hugely varied and constantly changing corpus of law and regulation.

And so my aim in editing this work is to create a guide that enables a lawyer or executive to swiftly and effectively ‘plug in’ to the regulatory and legal structure of a wide range of jurisdictions across the world, and understand in a few pages the legal climate, the likely issues that will arise in doing business in that jurisdiction and the overall legal risk. And above all, to remain regularly updated so as to highlight developments in the foreseeable future. Of course, a book that seeks to cover the law of gambling in 15 jurisdictions can never hope to be a complete answer to many of the questions that will face a business. However, it will hopefully at least point the way and define the parameters of any enquiry. In addition, since its chapters are written by some of the leading lights in gambling law, it also provides an introduction to those individuals and their firms, so that they can no doubt supply a more detailed analysis of particular problems, if called upon.

Clients come in a range of shades, from the generous, loyal and appreciative to the hard-bitten, taxing and sometimes frankly annoying. I am pleased to say, however, that lawyers in the field of gambling are luckier than most. Our clients bring us income, but more importantly they bring us the one thing that makes us feel valued more than anything else – problems to which we have to find solutions. For it is through problems and challenges that the gambling industry has advanced and the law has evolved. Gambling law and regulation remains a fascinating and nuanced field in which gambling operators provide enormous imaginative impetus for change and, for the most part, respect our role in helping them. It is in that spirit that I hope that lawyers and clients alike find this work a useful addition to their shelves.