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TLR: The Aviation Law Review - 4th Edition

TLR: The Aviation Law Review - 4th Edition


Sean Gates
Gates Aviation Ltd

The Aviation Law Review has become a vital addition for the libraries of those with commercial, legal or academic interest in international aviation law; contributing a unique perspective on these subjects from experts in many countries around the world.

In litigation and regulatory terms the themes of previous years continue to predominate. The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) (i.e., the alternative legislature for Europe) continues to bear down on operators, and indirectly passengers, with judicial activism in the sphere of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004. All rational defences on the basis of exceptional measures have been dismissed by the court in favour of what seems to be the theory that if it happens it was not exceptional! Ultimately passengers will bear the cost of this through increasing fares but this will be a bullet easily dodged by the judges, who, of course, have no electorate and no accountability.

Unmanned aerial vehicles also continue to be a hot topic, with regulation barely keeping up with their proliferation. The need for regulation is highlighted by ever more frequent near-miss reports; though the latest may have been in respect of an unmanned aerial plastic bag rather than one that was under control. Privacy regulations are also coming into force but the difficulty of identifying the particular operator of any unlicensed drone still poses difficulties that are likely to lead to registers created at the point of sale or by transferors to new users.