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The Mining Law Review - 5th Edition

The Mining Law Review - 5th Edition


Erik Richer La Fleche
Stikeman Elliott

The Mining Law Review is designed to be a practical, business-focused ‘year in review’ analysis of recent changes and developments, their effects and a look forward at expected trends.

The first part of the book is divided into 21 country chapters, each dealing with mining in a particular jurisdiction. Countries were selected because of the importance of mining to their economies and to ensure broad geographical representation. Mining is global but the business of financing mining exploration, development and – to a lesser extent – production is concentrated in a few countries, Canada and the United Kingdom being dominant. As a result, the second part of this book includes six country chapters focused on financing.

The mining sector continues to face challenging and uncertain times. The current down-cycle is longer than most and shows no sign of abating for most minerals. Stockpiles are high and production capacity has yet to be curtailed in a meaningful manner. Projections are for prices to remain generally soft until such time as supply and demand is rebalanced. While times are tough, we know that mining is cyclical and that continued world population and economic growth as well as the depletion of current resources mean that growth in the mining sector will resume. The question is when.