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The Insolvency Review - 4th Edition

The Insolvency Review - 4th Edition


Donald S Bernstein
Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

This fourth edition of The Insolvency Review once again offers an in-depth review of market conditions and insolvency case developments in key countries around the world. As always, a debt of gratitude is owed to the outstanding professionals in geographically diverse locales who have contributed to this book. Their contributions reflect diverse viewpoints and approaches, which in turn reflect the diversity of their respective national commercial cultures and laws.

The preface to a previous edition of this book touched upon the challenges faced by large multinational enterprises attempting to restructure under these diverse and potentially conflicting insolvency regimes. These challenges have traditionally been particularly acute in large corporate insolvencies because neither UNCITRAL’s Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency nor other enactments, such as the European Union’s Regulation on Insolvency, have provided the tools necessary for consolidated administration of insolvencies involving multiple legal entities in a corporate group, with operations, assets and stakeholders under different corporate umbrellas in different jurisdictions. Insolvent corporate groups have therefore often been obliged to cobble together consensual restructurings with local stakeholders in key jurisdictions or to initiate separate plenary insolvency proceedings for individual companies under multiple local insolvency regimes (as illustrated in the cases of Nortel and Lehman Brothers, among others), with added costs, disbursed control, legal conflicts and inconsistent judgments.