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The Healthcare Law Review - 1st Edition

The Healthcare Law Review - 1st Edition



Sarah Ellson

The Review provides an introduction to healthcare economies and their legal frameworks in 16 jurisdictions. While hugely diverse, it is possible to discern common challenges and similar approaches in very different countries.

Across the globe, leaders recognise the World Health Organization’s principle – the health of all peoples is fundamental to the attainment of peace and security and is dependent on the fullest cooperation of individuals and states. Every country wants a health system to care for the sick and promote the well-being of its people. Every nation wants to raise the bar to keep up with improving living standards and expectations. However, every economy requires this to be done at an affordable price.

The ways different countries have gone about this vary enormously, and for the healthcare lawyer, or the healthcare provider, alternative destinations provide unique challenges, risks and opportunities. This publication identifies the broad characteristics of healthcare to be found in each jurisdiction. It considers: the role of insurance or public payers; models of commissioning; the interplay (or lack of it) between primary, secondary and social care; and the regulatory and licensing arrangements for healthcare providers and professionals.