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The Franchise Law Review - 5th Edition

The Franchise Law Review - 5th Edition


Mark Abell
Bird & Bird LLP

Since the publication of the first edition of The Franchise Law Review, there have been some significant economic and geopolitical developments that have had a significant impact on world trade. However, the apparently inexorable march towards the globalisation of commerce has again continued unabated despite, or perhaps even because of, these changes.

Brexit, the elections of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the installation of Xi Jinping into the pantheon of Chinese Communist Party gods and the potential fall of Chancellor Merkel in Germany well illustrate the depth and importance of the political changes buffeting the global economy.

Franchising, in its various forms, continues to present businesses with one way of achieving profitable and successful international growth without the need for either substantial capital investment or a broad managerial infrastructure. In sectors as diverse as food and beverage, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare and financial services, it continues to be a popular catalyst for international commerce and makes a strong and effective contribution to world trade. We are even seeing governments turning to franchising as an effective strategy for the future of the welfare state as social franchising gains still more traction as a way of achieving key social objectives.