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The Environment and Climate Change Law Review – 1st edition

The Environment and Climate Change Law Review – 1st edition


Theodore L Garrett
Covington & Burling LLP

Environmental law is global in its reach. Multinational companies make business plans based on the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are headquartered and have manufacturing facilities as well as the countries in which they distribute and sell their products. Moreover, multinational companies have global environmental, health and safety goals and practices that tend to be worldwide in their scope for reasons of policy and operational consistency.

Climate change continues to dominate international environmental efforts, and we have also witnessed efforts to promote sustainability. Many countries are making efforts to promote conservation and renewable or green energy. Changes in reliance on coal and nuclear energy have impacts on the demand for other energy sources. All of these changes have impacts on efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Environmental law continues to change and evolve, as new regulations are adopted and existing rules are amended or challenged in courts or interpreted by agencies. In the United States, 2017 will witness a new President and an administration that is expected to have different priorities in the related areas of environment and energy.