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The Banking Regulation Review - 8th Edition

The Banking Regulation Review - 8th Edition


It seems premature to predict major changes in the outlook for banking regulation over the next year when policymakers themselves have not yet decided what the past year’s events will mean in this area.

Dealing with such certainty as we currently have, it does seem clear that the past year’s
political events will bring forward an era in which banking regulation will be more varied,
and potentially much less well coordinated, between major economies than the principal
authors of the major post-crisis reforms in the United States and Europe had hoped. This presents a complex scenario for banks. For some banks it seems that just as the great structural reform agenda that emerged from the financial crisis has reached a conclusion, a new set of challenges has emerged that might in some ways be almost as profound as what went before.

This eighth edition of The Banking Regulation Review contains chapters provided by
authors in 35 countries and territories in April and May 2017, as well as the usual chapters on International Initiatives and the European Union.