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The Dispute Resolution Review - 9th Edition

The Dispute Resolution Review - 9th Edition


Damian Taylor
Slaughter and May

The Dispute Resolution Review offers a guide to those who are faced with disputes that frequently cross international boundaries. As is often the way in law, difficult and complex problems can be solved in a number of ways, and this edition demonstrates that there are many different ways to organise and operate a legal system successfully. At the same time, common problems often submit to common solutions, and the curious practitioner is likely to discover that many of the solutions adopted abroad are not so different to those closer to home.

2016 may be seen as yet another benchmark year. Two major events have shaken investor confidence and are likely to have an impact on the legal profession for years to come. The UK’s vote to leave the EU has created considerable uncertainty in the region, and Donald Trump’s election as the US president is likely to affect the global international community. The special Brexit chapter in this edition explores some of the key issues that will form part of the UK–EU negotiations likely to commence this year. A top priority for disputes lawyers in the region will be whether there will continue to be mutual recognition of judgments across Europe. How will this affect London as a popular global centre for dispute resolution? No one knows the answer to these issues, but what is certain is that clients and practitioners across the globe are likely to continue to face novel and challenging problems.