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The Corporate Immigration Law Review - 7th Edition

The Corporate Immigration Law Review - 7th Edition


Chris Magrath
Magrath LLP

Who would have thought it? Twelve months ago we considered a most unlikely scenario whereby the UK votes to leave the European Union and Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. This presented fascinating material for journalists to debate and for lawyers to analyse as a theoretical outcome – but hardly likely to trouble the status quo in reality. This ‘double whammy’ started the year as a fanciful possibility and yet became, over time, a harsh reality. 2016 was certainly eventful. Momentous may be a better word.

For UK immigration practitioners, the Brexit vote has been both a gift and a curse. Endless hours have been spent discussing the Article 50 process, the content of the negotiations that follow and the potential outcome for Britain’s new place in the world.

The purpose of The Corporate Immigration Review is to share information across borders, identify global trends and provide practical insights into the immigration regimes of many significant jurisdictions.